Bridal Dream have been lucky enough to be able to offer a $10 voucher from Byron Bay Candles.

When you successfully upload your item for hire or when you hire an item you will receive a voucher to use instore.

About Byron Bay Candles

Lovingly hand-poured in Byron Bay Arts and Industry Estate, our collection includes aromatherapy candles, natural scented soy candles, melts and fragrant reed diffusers.

With each one being carefully created to bring a touch of Byron Bay magic into your home.

Every candle is made with 100% cotton wicks and high-quality pure soy wax to ensure you are burning elements free from nasty toxins and toxic chemicals such as petroleum, paraffin and parabens.

You can safely burn Byron Bay Candles in your home and work area without any adverse side effects to yours or your family’s health.

So many of our most intimate moments in life are shared in the gentle glow and flicker of candle light!

For more information please visit their website https://byronbaycandles.com