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We have listed below some commonly asked questions, if we have not covered your question please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

General Questions

What is Bridal Dream?

Bridal Dream is Australia’s first secure Designer Wedding Attire sharing platform catering for women, children and men. We have integrated the latest technology for ID verification and peer-to-peer sharing through a secure, comprehensive marketplace.


Who does Bridal Dream Cater For?

Bridal Dream caters for children, women and men. We have Luxury Wedding Attire that can dress the entire Bridal Party!


Is Bridal Dream a secure marketplace for hiring and lending Wedding Attire?

Yes it is, because when you create an account with Bridal Dream you are required to provide current ID for verification such as a passport or Australian drivers license.


Does it cost money to create a Profile on Bridal Dream?

No, it is Free to create a profile on Bridal Dream.


What is the condition of the Wedding Attire when I receive it?

At Bridal Dream we take every effort to ensure all wedding attire that is uploaded to the website has been dry cleaned, is in excellent condition and ready to wear on your special day.


Do I need a profile to search through the listings?

No, you do not need to make a profile if you are just browsing through the wide range of women’s, children’s and men’s Wedding Attire. But you will need to create a profile when you find the item or items you would like to hire for your Special Day.


How long can I hire Wedding Attire for?

You have different options when hiring Wedding Attire.

1. ‘Try on’ Hire is for 3 days in total. Not available Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
2. ‘Wedding’ Hire can be for either 7 days or 14 days

The first day is counted on the day you would like to receive the item and the last day is the day you would need to return it.


What if the day I’m due to return my items is a weekend or public holiday?

Following your special wedding day it is time to return your Wedding Attire back to the lender, either by postage on the next business day or organising a time for drop off. If returning by post, please ensure you send the tracking number to the lender.


What happens if I damage or loose the item I have hired?

Minor damage happens from time to time and it is usually simple to fix, either by a good quality dry cleaner or seamstress. The first thing to do is; be honest and notify the Lender. The second thing to do is take photos of the damage before you give/send it back to the Lender. Both the Lender and the Hirer must make every attempt to resolve the dispute impartially and fairly. Damage expenses are the responsibility of the Hirer. A receipt of the repair or an estimate for the repair must be submitted to the Hirer. If required the estimate cost can be verified by contacting the selected repair business, to ensure both parties agree on the cost.

In the event a dispute cannot be resolved and a solution agreed upon by both the Lender and the Hirer, either party must contact Bridal Dream within 72 hours of the dispute beginning. In the event that you need to involve Bridal Dream you agree that the decision we make is final. We take great care in equitably looking at every dispute and coming up with an amicable decision.

In the rare event a dress or item goes missing or is returned in a state beyond repair the hirer will be charged 50% of the RRP of the item. This does not include the rental fees already paid.



Does it cost money to upload Wedding Attire onto Bridal Dream?

No it does not, its free! However we do automatically take 25% when you successfully complete a booking.


What condition does the Wedding Attire need to be in, in order to be able to upload it onto Bridal Dream?

Your Wedding Attire must be in exceptional condition and the minimum retail value must be over $200 RRP for:

  • Bridesmaid Dresses
  • Men’s Suits and Tuxedos
  • Children’s Wear – Flower Girls Dresses & Page Boy Suits
  • Men, Women & Children’s Shoes
  • All accessories including Veils.

For Wedding Dresses the minimum retail value must be over $500 RRP.


What happens if my item gets lost or is damaged beyond repair?

In the rare event a dress or item goes missing or is returned in a state beyond repair the hirer will be charged 50% of the RRP of the item. This does not include the rental fees already paid. We recommend including these terms in bold at the bottom of each listing so the lender is well aware.


Do I get to decide how much I want to Lend my Wedding Attire for?

Yes, it is your choice what you charge for your rental Wedding Attire.


What type of delivery methods can I accept?

It is up to you if you want to accept postage and or pick up/drop off. Some people prefer postage only and some people are happy to accept both methods. The choice is yours!


How much do I charge for postage?

It is up to you how much you charge for postage. Bridal Dream recommends that you only use express postage and insure you have a tracking number.


How much do I charge for dry cleaning?

It is up to you what you decide to charge for the dry cleaning of your Wedding Attire. Some lenders include it into the lending price so it is all-inclusive, whilst others prefer to have it as an additional charge. The Choice is yours!


Do I have to be a former Bride to Lend my Wedding Attire?

No, both individuals and business are welcome to upload their Wedding Attire onto Bridal Dream. There is no limit to how many different items you can upload.


A Reservation has been made. What do I do next?

Once you have accepted the reservation, you will need to prepare the Wedding Attire so that it is ready to be posted or picked up by the Hirer for their big day. You must make sure the Wedding Attire has been professionally dry cleaned and packed carefully, neatly and appropriately.

The Bridal Dream Dashboard will have the reservation information. If you are posting the item, please ensure you give the tracking number to the hirer via the Bridal Dream Platform.



Postage & Delivery

Should I include a return postage bag/box when sending?

Postage is one of delivery options available at Bridal Dream for you to offer to your potential customers. Yes, we do suggest that you include a return postage bag/box when you send the Wedding Attire to the Hirer. This is helpful because it allows the Lender to write the correct return address and also have a copy of the returning tracking number, should anything go wrong.


Track your Wedding Attire

Tracking your Wedding Attire is essential for both the Hirer and the Lender. It helps to ensure that your Wedding Attire not only arrives on time but safely and can be tracked for the entire journey. It saves confusion on whether an item has been posted on time or not as it can be easily checked. This gives peace of mind to both the Lender and the Hirer.

It is crucial a tracking number is provided as this protects the sender in the event the parcel goes missing. Without a correct tracking number, the sender of the package is accountable for the loss.


Does Bridal Dream Deliver Australia Wide?

Yes, we deliver Australia Wide including all Capital Cities and Rural Areas.


I have found a Wedding Dress close to where I live, can I pick it up from the Lender?

You will have to check with what the Lender is offering, some lenders accept only postage or only pick up and some accept both. If the Lender does offer pick up as a delivery option, contact them  to arrange a time and place for pick up prior to your big day.

Reservation & Payment

When do I receive my payment?

You will receive your Lender Payment once the Reservation/ Item has been shipped. It is important that you mark your Reservation as “Shipped” as soon as you send the item/s. Otherwise it will delay you receiving your payment.

Your earnings will go straight into the nominated bank account or PayPal account you have registered on your dashboard. Its important to keep these details up to date so there is no delay for you getting paid. Bridal Dream will automatically deduct 25% from the reservation for our servicing fee, which is applicable to all transactions. However you will only be charged the servicing fee if you successfully lend your Wedding Attire to Brides and Grooms to be.


How many days Prior to my Wedding should I reserve my Wedding Attire?

It is recommend that you reserve your Wedding Attire 3-4 days before your Special Day to avoid any last minute pre-wedding freak out!


Is there a limit to how many items I can reserve at once?

No, there is no limit.


When am I charged for my reservation?

Either your PayPal or Credit Card will be charged as soon as the booking is placed.
You may also be charged late fees if your Wedding Attire is returned late.


Is there a Credit Card Surcharge?

Definitely not! There are no hidden fee’s or charges.

Security & Protection

Is my ID and information safe?

Yes, we take the upmost care in ensuring your personal information is safe and secure. Your personal information is extremely important to us and we will never disclose your information to anyone. (With the exception being your accord or our legitimate reasons or if the law necessitate us to.)


Is it safe to bypass the Bridal Dream Reservation Page to pay for an item?

If you are asked to pay for your items or to receive payment independently from the Bridal Dream website, it is recommended that you terminate your correspondence with that member and report them to us immediately via hello@bridaldream.com.au.

It not only is a breach to Bridal Dreams Terms and Conditions, it also puts the security of the upcoming transaction at risk. We at Bridal Dream work hard to ensure all of your transactions are positive and safe.


Is it safe to bypass the Bridal Dream Platform?

Communicating off the Bridal Dream Platform means that we have no documentation and confirmation about the booking, which makes it very difficult for us to assist, should you need our help. Its not only a breach to Bridal Dreams Terms and Conditions, it also puts the security of the upcoming transaction at risk.

We strive to create a secure and positive experience for both our Hirer’s and Lenders through the Bridal Dream Platform. We do this by incorporating ID Verification and ensure all transactions as completed in an assured and protected manner.

Size & Fit

What do I do if my Dress is too long for me?

At Bridal Dream we have a huge range of wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and formal dresses and we try to cater for all heights and sizes. In the description of each listing it says how tall the bride is and what shoe heel height she wore on the day. It also has a measurement of how long the dress is, to further help you with your decision-making. Please do not try to alter the length or any part of the dress as they are very delicate and you could be charged part of your bond for damages.


What if my Suit is too long for me?

At Bridal Dream we have a huge range of Tuxedo’s and Suits and we try to cater for all heights and sizes. In the item description it has the suit measurements listed. If you have further questions feel free to contact the Lender.


Can I try on before I hire?

Yes, a try on hire is for 3 days in total. The 1st day you receive the item and the 3rd day you post the item back. Try on hire is not available on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

My Profile / Dashboard

What is my Profile / Dashboard?

Your Bridal Dream Profile is where you store and keep up to date your personal information, create a listing, view your order, accept reservations.


How do I create a Profile / Account?

Creating an account is simple, fast and easy to do. All you have to do is click the register and create your free account.


How do I update my details?

First login to your dashboard. For updating payment details click “My Payment Settings” and for personal details click “My Details” .


How do I change my password?

Login to your dashboard. Once you are logged in, click on “My Details” scroll down to account management and you will see an option to  ‘change password’. Enter new password and click ‘save’.


How do I check my Lender Reviews?

Login to your dashboard. Once logged in, click ‘Review’ this link will only work if you have previously listed and completed a booking and have a review left about the transaction.

Technical Difficulties

I am having problems viewing the Bridal Dream Website.

Check that your Internet Browser is up to date and compatible. If the problem continues to persist please contact us at hello@bridaldream.com.au


I am having problems trying to make a Reservation through the Bridal Dream Website.
For any reservation complications, please contact us at hello@bridaldream.com.au